Riverside Montessori mountains forest
About Us

Xandra was born and raised in the Snoqualmie Valley and has been teaching Montessori for 17 years. Riverside Montessori was created to offer Montessori education with more personal individualized attention and an outdoor experience. It has been very well received and most families that attend Riverside enjoy the close supportive family atmosphere and remain close friends even after the preschool years. The love of Nature and Montessori concepts that are experienced at Riverside Montessori are an important building block for further learning in life. Xandra has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, Literature, and Environmental Studies. In addition she received her American Montessori Society teaching credential from the Montessori College of Early Education. She is an avid gardener, self-taught naturalist, and native plant and outdoor enthusiast. Riverside Montessori is located on the property where she lives with her husband and two beautiful children of her own, allowing her to constantly be bringing new ideas, and concepts to the school at any time.